Future trading (Brief Explaination)

Future trading is the best feature in cryto world, especially in binance .I was started trading in binance almost an year ago but I was only trading in spot market .I was gaining a passive amount of profit ,I didn't know about the future trade that time .when I heard about future trading I became excited to trade in it .Binance in giving your UpTo 125 percent of leverage i.e you can borrow UpTo 125 percent of your own trading amount ,it is just amazing .one more benefit of of getting extra leverage is that the probability of Lossing money is only your own trading amount not the amount you borrowed from binance in the form of leverage rather the profit you got will be calculated from your whole money including your borrowed amount .

So,it is much profitable deal in binance ,but ,yes it has risk factor to which you can manage by using technical analysis.binance also offers it's bot strategy trading which also minimize your chance of Lossing your assets .In simple you can start trade in binance with some simple step first you trance some amount of money i.e usdt from your spot wallet into your futures wallet ,then you give a simple quiz in futures after that star trading with your leverage amount in future market a get unbelievable profits in short span of time.The other cahallenge is to find best bitcoin mixer for tumbling coins



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