04 The best top-down MMORPGs


An isometric MMORPG with a colorful picture and sandbox elements that offers gamers not only a break from the real world, but also earn real money. The main currency in the game is PIXEL, which is an intermediary between Ethereum (cryptocurrency) and in-racing games unblocked.

A similar system exists in the Entropia Universe , which has been quietly in existence since 2003 . Remember that mountains of gold cannot be turned in this way, because earnings are just a nice addition. Also, Ember Sword has a rather attractive graphic style and intense battles.


The seamless open world is the highlight of the isometric RPG CorePunk - the developers have relied on exploration and offer players to get lost in a charming world that mixes dark fantasy , steampunk and cyberpunk . In it, they will find many classes-characters, as in MOBA , interesting quests, various professions, crafting, guilds, peaceful affairs and a host of other activities that have become the standard for the genre.


The MMORPG Fractured Online features sandbox elements - players will find a dynamic environment in which they can build a virtual home and turn it into a city, devote themselves to a craft, provide other players with valuable items and participate in heated battles for territories. Moreover, the worlds open for research are constantly changing, so returning to the same places is quite interesting.

In addition, Fractured Online uses a combat system from 3d racing games unblocked and offers an extensive leveling tree and skill-oriented controls that cannot but attract.


Another "diabloid", offering to get lost among the crowds of enemies and arrange a real genocide in various dungeons. The developers of UNDECEMBER have introduced an interesting leveling system that deviates from the patterns set by MMORPGs - here it is complex and branched, and to make a fighter unique, get ready to cross various skills, runes and rune skills.

You won’t get bored here either alone, because there is a story campaign broken into acts, or in the company of friends, because you can go with them to complete tests, visit the world boss, fight other gamers and form a guild.



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