What is culture? Brief Explanation

In my opinion, culture is not a static entity. Culture is link with once mental understanding, regarding his sounding environment. If we say, Culture is not static so,we mean to say that it is the manifestation of our collective mental abilities. Culture includes, not only our way of life but all that is link with our collective thinking patterns(as a society).Art of any kind i.e music,poetry,sculptures,drama,painting,literary work , all are thy aspects of culture, and all these are the product of mind .
We humans are unique than other animals of our planet. This uniqueness comes from our cognitive abilities. Man was once in the lower rank of food chain,he was weak than other animals and used to live his life in fear.Now ,nam is at the top of food chain. Historians and anthropologists,believes that, this progress of human beings was so rapid that he has not ever touched the necessary stages of natural development. How,man has achieved this rapid progress? It is because of our power of imagination. Due to this special ability human beings are special than other animals.

Due to this ability man has discovered the covered secret's of nature. Gained control over his soundings i.e animals ,land ,rivers.He invented tools for plugging,ridding,manufacturing,observing,analyzing and controlling .He used to live in caves,jungles and huts ,but , now his living standards are totally changed.He is live in well furnished houses, with maintained inner room temperature. He is uch more fashionable than earlier. In short ,men has changed it self,and are in continuous change.All this is because of the mental power of .

So, culture can be changed with the change in collective understanding of peoples ,regarding life.
What is change then? Can change be negative?or change is always positive?
Lets talk this in detail,wih cultural examples.Their is a debate going on,now a days, in many quarters of the society about our cultural dance.We see mixed views on this topic.One party is in favour of promoting cultural dance and says it should not only be strict to male ,that female can participate and can perform in public gatherings i.e in university events or in marriage ceremonies.

They are in favour of female participation and argues that dance is a way of celebrating inner happiness and it also conects ourselves with the universe.Contrary to this,a group of people oppose this ,and says women should not be allowed to participate in these functions, as ,it is against our cultural values i.e it promotes vulgarity among masses.
I disagree with this argument of linking vulgarity with culture dance, and support the argument that dance connects your body with nature. Well, but we can't ignore the people who are saying againt it ,they are also in majority. 

Actually the society is in progress,and in any progressive society their are thesis (in support of any idea or issue) opposite to thesis is antithesis (agaisnt that idea ) and the synthesis comes out of these both opposite idea. This process continues in this way that ,synthesis then becomes thesis ,to this thesis another antithesis appears an so on and on...
So,we have now both thesis and anti-thesis and with the passage of time synthesis will make its way out of these both.



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