White honey - which type of honey is behind it

White Honey

Mostly honey is known as a gold-colored delicacy. However, honey can take on a wide variety of colors, as white honey shows. But what is the reason for the great variety of colors in what is probably the sweetest food, honey? White honey is usually rapeseed honey.

The flowers visited to determine the color of the honey.

Bees collect pollen and nectar, which you get from the flowers of different plants. Depending on which flowers the bees visit, pollen and nectar have completely different colors. The honey from chestnut blossoms is usually light brown, while rapeseed honey (depending on the type of rapeseed the bees fly to) can be white and is therefore also known as white honey. The lightest honey is, therefore, rapeseed honey, fruit blossom honey has a beige-golden yellow color, while summer blossom honey has a golden-yellowish color.

In the overview: flowers and colors

  • Chestnut blossoms: light brown
  • Rapeseed flowers: white
  • Fruit blossoms: beige-golden yellow
  • Summer flowers: golden yellow

What is special about white honey?

With honey, there is a basic rule regarding the taste: the lighter the honey, the milder it is also in taste. Rapeseed honey, as the world's lightest honey, therefore also has an extremely mild taste, which is why it is particularly popular with children and young people. Summer blossom honey, on the other hand, is significantly darker. The rule already mentioned applies to summer blossom honey as well: It is both the darkest and the most aromatic, strongest honey.

How is the white rabbit honey made?

So that the bees can collect nectar for rapeseed honey, the bee colonies are simply placed in a rapeseed field during the flowering phase of the rapeseed plants. After the rapeseed bloom, the bees are returned to their usual location. Oilseed rape blooms from mid-April to mid-May, depending on the weather and the seasonal development.

Where can I buy white honey?

White rapeseed honey is very popular among beekeepers because rapeseed is also often grown among farmers. Therefore, rapeseed honey is very readily available. Therefore, it is a particularly healthy and, at the same time, delicious natural product.



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