The Redensyl Revolution for Hair Loss

The fall of the hair, also called alopecia - is a "normal" long hair condition involving between 60 and 100 hairs a day. However, this situation can increase as a result of stress and become an anomaly that seriously affects hair health. This has been noted by many experts since the pandemic, and preventive social isolation began.

For all those men who struggle with hair loss, we have good news: there is an asset called Redensyl that has become a new alternative to hair transplantation. In addition, it is one of the main ingredients in the formula of our Masterful Hair Loss Treatment.

What is Redensyl? The ultimate against hair loss

Redensyl is considered the most recent discovery against falling hair. It is an active ingredient that integrates four molecules and reactivates the stem cells of the hair follicle, promoting hair growth in a surprising way. It is composed of plant extracts, and its biotechnology has made it the " first cosmetic active ingredient for hair care, "as well as the most innovative advance against alopecia.

After various studies, it has been proven that its action on various fronts enhances growth more than any other compound known so far. The explanation is given by its composition:

Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG): Promotes the division of the stem cells of the hair follicle and maintains its different properties.

EGCG-glucoside: Reduces the inflammatory state typical of the alopecic scalp.

Glycine: It is one of the main amino acids that make up hair proteins, fundamentally associated with keratin, which favors hair growth.

Zinc: It is a very important co-factor for numerous enzymes, favoring the incorporation of cysteine in keratin for stronger hair.

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Hair Loss Treatment

This treatment is the indicated solution for those men who suffer from alopecia. Its products reinforce cellular metabolism and capillary structure, activate microcirculation in the scalp, and reduce hair loss while stimulating hair growth. 

Shampoo for hair loss

It is a powerful product that sanitizes and strengthens the hair. Promotes healthy hair growth while helping to prevent alopecia.

It is composed of hydrolyzed soy proteins and ginseng extract, B vitamins, self-peptides, glucose, amino acids, and Redensyl of 100% vegetable origin that is extracted from the green tea leaf.

Gel for hair loss

To finish the hairstyle, we recommend the use of our Old Fall Gel.

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