What is Error Code 6144?


QuickBooks is a financial management and accounting software, developed by the most popular Intuit. Allowing users to handle all their business-related accounting, bookkeeping, and management, finances with ease and without having to rely on accountancy professionals.

QuickBooks is majorly for small and midsized businesses and being an advanced software, it has become a popular choice around the globe. 

With all the goodness and benefits it offers, there are some challenges too. Like all other online software, QuickBooks users encounter errors and glitches that can disrupt their usability and performance. Have you ever come across an error code of 6144 while you are working on the software? If yes! you are not alone, there are hundreds of google searches for this error, and people genuinely want to get rid of it.

Error code of 6144: 

This error doesn’t allow you to open any of the corrupt QuickBooks files and also you are restricted to perform tasks. You cannot access the files from the main as well as other computers, which can be a serious issue when you want to access your files.

Why does this error occur?

When you receive such an error constantly on your screen, one of the questions pops in your hand as to why the error occurs? This is the current and most common technical problem in QuickBooks which implies that there are certain network issues or there are some issues with the company file which need fixing.

Common problems occur like: 


        While you are operating a similar program, your computer crashes with the error code

        The window is comparatively slower, and you are unable to operate the mouse or keyboard properly

        If a laptop is being used, it freezes for some seconds and disrupts your working

        Your lively window program is crashing frequently as soon as the error pops up

Manual Method to Resolve Quick Books Error Support:


  1. You will have to follow these steps in the main computer itself
  2. QuickBooks needs to be closed from your main as well as another computer at first
  3. Also, make sure the Anti-virus is disabled, if not you won’t be able to perform
  4. You will have to resolve the issue from the main computer at first. This will be the primary computer for which the application is loaded.

Now follow the steps: 

Start Services

Navigate to Start, click on services, choose the "QBCFMonitoringservice" make sure the services are started and in the automatic mode. If not, you can check the radio button, click on apply and Save. 

Account Type

Here, you will have to click on the control panel and choose the user account. Further, the option to add/remove an account needs to opt and click on QBDserviceuser23/24/25 (if using version 2013 then 23, if version 2014 then 24 and likewise for 25) make sure you change the account type by checking in the Administrator user only. 

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Create Folder

A new folder needs to be created with the name QB and give the option Read/Write for all the folders. Make sure you create certain folders in Drive C that could be, administrator, add user, everyone, add system and QB Data Service user23/24/25

Copy the company file

You will have to copy the company file in the new folder "QB" It is better to copy and paste your new folder but do not cut and paste as it will affect your file. 


Make sure you have copied to a proper location. 

Firewall Rules

Create Inbound and Outbound rules for firewall by navigating to a firewall, click on Window firewall, choose the advance setting and click on Inbound Rules ->New Rule->Port and press Next. 

Select the TCP & port number based on your QuickBooks version

Once done, click on next, allow the connection and click on next again, further navigated to giving a name for an identity then Finish.

Similarly, follow the step and add ports to the new Outbound rules too

Restore the file

After that, restore the company file from the main computer

Open QuickBooks-open and restore existing company-select company file- choose “Get Back to Business" in that "multiuser mode"

If hosting is turned on, turn it off. Go to file-Utilities and then choose "Stop Hosting on Main Computer"


Move ahead to the opening of the Company File on another Computer and make sure you are aware of the IP address of your main computer.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to fix the error, and what is the purpose of the error popping on your screen. You can get rid of it by following the above steps and getting out of the problem. Furthermore, it might seem a bit tricky to you at first, but you can slowly proceed with each step and see the results quickly. QuickBooks, like any other software, is prone to errors, and you can fix it to enjoy a smooth working of your software.



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