Ten Dishes To Try In Chennai

Dishes In Chennai

Indian cuisine is a whirlwind of flavors, spices, and fragrances. One bite and your taste buds will explode with all the different flavors you will taste. Even though Indian food is available everywhere in the world, you must travel to India to taste the authentic flavors at least once. If you are wondering, 'why should I book my flight to Chennai to taste Indian food?', then you will find all the answer right here. Chennai is a massive city in the south of India, with a mind-blowing food scene. You can find various cuisines from around the world here. But, when you are here, trying out South Indian cuisine should be your ultimate goal in the city.


·      Murukku sandwich: Available in the Sowcarpet area, this one of the unique dishes that you will taste in Chennai. A murukku sandwich takes a popular south Indian snack sandwiched between a slice of bread. This dish is a cross between a South Indian snack and a Mumbai sandwich. This crunchy and flavorful dish cannot be missed when you travel to Chennai.

·         Mulligatawny soup: Mulligatawny is an anglicized term that was derived from the Tamil word milagu Thani, meaning pepper water. The reflections of Chennai's past can be tasted in the food in the city, and this soup is the biggest example of this. This is the British take on the South Indian Rasam. This soup used ingredients that were common to South Indian food and blended them perfectly to match the taste buds of the city's colonizers. Tasting this dish is like travelling back in time. 

·         Filter coffee: Although not technically a dish, filter coffee is a Chennai staple. There is no way you can leave the city without having a cup of this elixir. A must for all the people in the city, this is the fuel that keeps Chennai going. Some of the best establishments to try out filter coffee in Chennai are Karpagamabal Mess, Saravana Bhavan, and Mami Mess. This frothy brew is a must-have with all the meals and even without a meal, as long as you are in the city.

·       Nethili fry: Chennai is a beautiful coastal city. That means you will have plenty of opportunities to taste scrumptious seafood in the city. Nethili fry is the perfect dish to start your seafood journey. This dish contains anchovies that are coated with plenty of spices and cooked for perfection. This spicy dish will surely stimulate your appetite and leave you wanting for more.

·     Masala Dosa: There is no way you can talk about South Indian cuisine without mentioning a dosa. Masala Dosa, especially in Chennai, is a must-have for all travellers. There is no other dish that is more authentic than this one, and you have to try it in the city. Several of the most popular dining establishments in the city offering some of the tastiest dosas include Krishna (Woodlands), Dasaprakash, Mathsya, and many more. Once you have tasted the dosa in Chennai, there will be no going back. 

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·    Sundal: Chennai is home to the biggest urban beach called Marina beach. This beach is an integral part of the city's food scene. One of the best snacks that you can find here is Sundal, which is essentially boiled chickpeas tossed with mustard seeds, raw mango, curry leaves, and grated coconut. This is a delicious snack that you can eat at any time, and it goes extremely well with any drink of your choice.

·      Atho: Many people will be surprised to know that Chennai has a deep Burmese connection, and Atho is the perfect dish to taste it. Atho is basically fried noodles that are tossed with onions, cabbage, and tamarind juice. This fiery dish is a treat for your taste buds. You can taste the best Atho at a food joint, simply known as the Atho shop. Ma Tint Tint is another food joint, located in the heart of the city, where you can taste this incredible dish, without the need to travel too far. 

·      Mysore Pak: Mysore Pak is a dessert that is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Mysore Pak in Chennai is much better and sells much more than the Mysore Pak in Mysore. This melt in the mouth dessert is something that you need to taste and even carry home with you when you leave the city. There is a soft and a coarse crumbly version of this dessert in the city. The lovers of this dessert are divided into two groups, and you can decide which one you like best when you visit. 

·     Full Meal: The best way to taste everything is by having a proper meal in the city, and what better way to do so than on a banana leaf? There are several food joints serving various kinds of meals in the city. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options of this meal are available in the city. Tasting a full meal in Chennai will allow you to sample all the different dishes that are a staple to the city and its people.

·       Biryani: The last item on this list will come as a surprise to most. When anyone thinks about the food in Chennai, Biryani does not even make it to the top twenty. Although Biryani is Hyderabad is more famous, Chennai has its own take on this public favorite, and it is super delicious, given its popularity. The Dindigul version and the Ambur version are the two types of Biryanis you can find here. Buhari Hotel is hands down the best place if you want to taste mouth-watering Biryani.


This list has ten answers to your question, 'why should I book my flight to Chennai to taste Indian food?'. These ten tantalizing dishes are a treat for your taste buds. It won't be exaggerating to say that it is worth taking a flight to India to taste these wonderful dishes that you can find in Chennai. There is no point in wasting any more time thinking. So, start booking your flights to Indian as soon as possible.





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