Best-external-storage for iPhone-&-iPad

storage for iPhone-&-iPad

Use our best guide beyond external Wi-Fi and flash storage devices to increase the storage capacity of your iPhone or iPad. Lack of storage space is usually a problem for iPhone and iPad owners. However, after some sites are released, you can make many improvements by deleting rare applications, moving files to the cloud, and improving storage management in general.

If you purchased a low-power device, the problem seems to still exist because you cannot update your new i-Phone and i-Pad to get more storage space: iPhone 32GB will always be iPhone 32GB.

But please wait a little while , and then rush to buy a new phone. If you not update iDevice content for internal storage, but you can add other storage to external devices. And there are many.

Welcome to our selection for the ever-best wireless drivers. This portable and convenient storage tool allows you to save and access files without worrying about connecting to a laptop or desktop drive.

This means that they are universal devices, especially useful for people who travel a lot but don't want to carry too many cables.

When it simplicity, versatility, and cleaner cordless settings, the best apple wireless hard drive is the best solution. Moreover, they allow you to connect to other devices that are not normally connected to external storage, such as smart-phones and also tablets. It is a good harvest to make your position vacant.

However, using cables to drive external storage is also worth considering, especially in terms of speed and reliability.

We have compiled all the best wireless drivers currently available in one place and have included them in the price comparison device. No matter which one you bought, you know you got the best deal.

When choosing the best hard drive for the iPad, there are many other several factors to consider: how often to store files, how many files are stored, and how easy it is to access files. According to your personal needs, different types of reliable external drivers will work well.

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Leef i-Access; with iOS Micro-SD;

In addition to the iBridge interface, Leef also provides another option for storing iOS devices. IAccess looks a lot like iBridge, but it dnst  need to obtain flash memory, but can insert an SD card to store files.

It was originally designed to transfer photos and videos from action cameras or drones to iPhone or iPad, but the transfer method is suitable for both parties, so you can easily copy files to the iOS device and recharge the protective memory card.

Another advantage of this device is that you can continue to add memory cards to provide all the additional storage space you need.

PK-paris K’able key

K'ablekey is a product of PKparis based in Paris, and its design is slightly different from the other products mentioned in this round.

K'ablekey's brushed aluminum profile has magnets inside and outside, which can fix two semi-circular parts together for easy transportation. When you have to want use the rope, just pull the orange plastic end and separate the two parts.

just pull the orange plastic end and separate the two parts.

K'ablekey provides three functions: the ability to store and access media on iOS devices, easily transfer files from PC/Mac to iOS, and the heating function when connected to a charger/computer/power bank.

It is suitable for those who have insufficient storage space, because the iOS app not only provides copy function, but also can transfer all your photos and videos, feeling up much-needed storage space and making your entire library Access to USB storage.

It also provides an easy to watch the movies on iPhone or iPad: It is easier to transfer movies to USB and watch movies through Pk Memory than to convert movies through iTunes.

The only thing we care about is the Pk Memory application itself: poorly designed and quite confusing to use because it relies difficult on features that are not always self-explanatory.

It is easy to transfer the entire media library/storage device, but other parties are a bit confused and cannot tell the application how much storage space has been used/remaining-if you choose this option, an important feature is stored below.

Lacie Fuel Wireless

The fuel has a USB woth 3.0 port and can also be used as a normal hard drive for Mac or PC. It also has a Wi-Fi facility, which allows you transfer the files or download files from your i-Phone or i-Pad when you urgently need it.

1TB models are hard to find in the UK, but buyers in the UK can spend up to £170 on 2TB eBuyer. American shoppers can buy 1TB LaCie Fuel.

Verbatim iStore N Go

Similar to other drive devices, Verbatim Store'n'Go is a flash location with a complete USB port and port. On the other hand, it has lightning function, but the return speed of USB 3.0 port is faster USB 2.0.

This allows you to easily share and also copy or move files between Macs, PCs, laptops and i-Devices, or and other use the joystick itself to store content on iDevices or watch the media stored on Verbatim on iPhone or iPad again. The Verbatim connector is a fast USB-3.0 port that is backward with USB 2.0.

King-ston Mobile-Lite Giii

Mobile Lite does not have its own internal storage, but it acts as a portable wireless adapter, allowing you to connect to other storage devices you already own

There are two slots for USB and SD cards, which can be quickly connected to a USB stick and then use Mobile Lite WiFi to transfer data and other files.

It even has an Ethernet port, which means you can use it as a portable router for devices without WiFi.

The rechargeable battery in the G3 will last more than 10 hours and can even be used to charge the iPhone or iPad battery.



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