8 Homemade Delicacies To Make Your Valentine Feel Special And Valentine's Day Memorable

Red velvet pastry for you

When you talk about Valentine's Day, what comes first in your mind. I am sure, lots of roses, a romantic atmosphere, flowers, candlelight dinner, gifts, soulful music, and romantic dance. I think most of you think about these things and even do so every year. But did you guys ever realize that Valentine's Day is not only about these things? There are a lot more things, and that is also very important. This one plays a vital role in your Valentine's Day celebration. In fact, without it, your super special celebration will not be special. And let me tell you, only this can make your Valentine's Day every special. I am sure so many of you already understand. I am talking about some delicious delicacies. These delicacies will not only make your Valentine's Day memorable but also, who knows, your crush will say yes, to you. Today, I tried to keep all these special delicacies sweet. I mean, dessert. After all, we are talking about the celebration of love, so the food should also be sweet and yummy. Today, I will tell you about 8 Valentine's Day special delicacies. You can make it by yourself for your Valentine. 


Red velvet pastry


Here, you must be thinking why I mentioned pastry instead of cake. It's because what a pastry can do, a cake can never do. Just like when you send flowers online and give by yourself, both have differences. So this year, in your Valentine's Day special delicacies, this should be on your menu. It is compulsory for this menu. Your sweetheart will be very happy to see it. 


Gajar is halwa


This is one of those things which no one can say no. It doesn't matter how much you have eaten. But still, this will be one of the most favorite dishes always especially when it comes to the winter season. So what are you waiting for, if you are feeling too cold? Take your mobile phone and order Gajar halwa online just like you order cake online. If you can't make it yourself, this is the best option for you. 

Got chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream


This is one of that combo which is evergreen, just "Jay-Biru" of Sholay. This one you can add to your menu if you are planning your special night at home. Brownie is so easy to make, so I would instead of ordering bake yourself.  

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Strawberry compote with vanilla ice cream


It does not only sound delicious and interesting. In reality, it is a super tasty dish. I don't think there is anyone who can say no to the strawberry compote with vanilla ice cream. This does not only look delicious, but also it looks romantic too. So just go for it. Strawberry ready-made compotes are easily accessible in the market. If you want, you can take that one. With it, you just need to order Valentine flowers online, and you are ready for Valentine's Day celebration. 



make Pizaa

I know, so many of you must be thinking about pizza and a big? But you read right; I am talking about pizza. This is one of those dishes that can make anyone crazy. 

Suppose you love someone who is crazy for pizza. Don't order flowers for her or him or his or her favorite pizza. I assure you, you will be heard "Yes" when you will purposefully use your special one.  




Don't be confused if I didn't mention any particular flavor or anything. I did this because it should be your special choice. Because some people like to bake cheesecake, some people like not baked cheesecake.  


White sauce pasta 

White sauce pasta

I personally don't like white sauce pasta. But yes, this is also true; there are millions of people who are crazy about white sauce pasta. This is easy to make, so you can impress your sweetheart by cooking this dish. I am sure this white sauce pasta will make your life colorful and filled with the fragrance of love. 


Chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse taste

This is something that can never go out of trend and out of taste. This can fit in any situation and for any special occasion. When it comes to shot glass, it looks so pretty. 


Okay, so now what are you waiting for? Just go and make your menu. Because this is also very important, good food can impress anyone. So don't take it lightly. Now, choose the dish and try to make it yourself, so till Valentine's Day. You will be perfect in that dish, which is a favorite of your sweetheart among these dishes. 



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