4 Health benefits and risk of eating red meat you must know

Health benefits and risk

Red meat is animal flesh that is red in raw condition. The flesh of cows, buffalos, pigs, hogs, lamps, etc., come under the general term red meat. Whether meat is unhealthy or healthy depends to a great extent on whether the meat is processed or not.

Red meat that is from grass-fed animals is considered healthier than meat from an animal fed on grains and injections. The factory reared animals that are given various injections to boost their health, leading to unnatural growth in a short period of time. This practice increases the harm to the health of animal meat-eaters. When we discuss the benefits and risks of the meat, we also have to include burgers, hot dogs, and steaks popular with fast food lovers. All these products are based on meat in most countries, and all meat used in fast food is highly processed, which increases the risks associated with meat. But there are some health benefits as well, let us examine both sides to come to some conclusion.

Benefits of red meat

Get many essential nutrients in one serving

A study conducted on Americans in 2012 found that meat-eaters, especially lean beef eaters, had more protein, potassium, vitamin B, and zinc than non-beef eaters. The earlier report had mentioned that beef provided a 15 % of the protein requirement of the nation. The ratio of beef in total fat in people was only 4 %.

The meat is rich in many nutrients

Red meat is rich in vitamin B, antioxidants, minerals, iron, selenium, and zinc, besides being high in protein. Iron in the blood helps transportation of fresh oxygen and nutrients to all cells in the body. Iron deficiency in elders often creates chronic fatigue, which hampers their normal daily activities. Doctors have also found that less energy and fatigue is responsible for many elders facing erection difficulties.

Vitamin B complex for male health

The Vitamin B complex is considered highly beneficial for male health. It helps males increase the production of testosterone, libido and get more physical energy. It has vitamin B12, which protects the health of penile nerves and increases blood circulation. Doctors find that males with good blood circulation and higher libido levels are less likely to use Tadalafil 60mg for severe cases of erection difficulty. In fact, vitamin B3 cuts the cholesterol formation in blood vessels.

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Red meat is low in carbs.

Being high in natural fats but low in carbs, it is the perfect diet for someone who is on weight loss mode, but preference should be given to unprocessed meat. The quantity of meat on a daily basis, which is beneficial, should also be discussed with the nutritionists to keep the risks associated with red meat in check.

Risks associated with red meat

It increases the risk of obesity

The number of calories in animal meat is higher than white meat from poultry chicken. The three-ounce of meat has 170 calories. It may not be a huge deal for occasional eaters, but regular eaters increase their obesity risk with the meat. The reviewed article in the journal of general internal medicine mentioned that males on animal meat were more obese than people on a vegetarian diet. And an obese male heightens the risk of various diseases from the heart to cholesterol formation and erectile dysfunction.

Doctors who prescribe Levitra 60mg for male erection issues found that most males were suffering from lifestyle diseases related to obesity.

Cholesterol formation

Red meat increased the number of saturated fats, thus lifting the cholesterol formation in heart arteries. The risk increases manifold if one considers the amount of junk food containing meat one takes during the day. The American heart association says that the daily requirement of calories from red meat should not be more than 5 %. Any increase leads to the formation of plaque in arteries creating conditions for heart stroke or heart-related diseases.

Certain cancers emerge

High saturated fats in red meat increase inflammation levels in the body. Chronic inflammation is linked to the formation of certain cancers. Not many people know that the world health organization (THAT) has put this meat in the category of carcinogen products, which can cause cancer. Studies have linked a high intake of meat with a high risk of developing colon cancer. The processed meat has several other compounds, preservatives, nitrites, that are certainly not healthy.

Higher inflammation and acidity levels

Digestion of red meat is slower inside the body, which is the reason for constipation, bloated stomach, acidity, or abdominal pain in some people who are regular meat-eaters. The chances of inflammation inside the body increase with beef than with vegetarian food. Animal fat raises acidic load on the body. The higher acidity levels are the perfect base for many health conditions.


All the benefits that come from red meat are associated with unprocessed meat sourced from grass-fed animals. Take the meat in moderation to keep the benefits intact while keeping down cholesterol risks. Include meat as part of a balanced diet without completely neglecting vegetarian and plant-based diets.



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