Razor Burn this lotion soothes the skin after hair removal

razor burn cream

The skin itches burns and turns red. We're talking about the annoying razor burn, which can turn into hell, especially in summer. We'll now reveal which product works best against the irritation.

Summer is here, and of course, this is the perfect opportunity for us to dig out our airy dresses, mini skirts and shorts. However, this also means that we will spend a little more time in the bathroom and in the shower. We'll explain who is a little confused. We are, of course talking about hair removal, which we do several times a week or a month, depending on the method so that we have smooth and supple skin.  While we pull the hair straight from the root when waxing or epilating, when we shave, we only cut the hair off the surface. Many women develop razor burn after such removal.  Redness, itching or burning rashes are usually the consequences.  These painful effects are often caused by an incorrect shaving technique or an old, unsanitary razor blade. But even sensitive or dry skin can quickly suffer from such a rash. If you too often struggle with the itchy redness, then you should now use a very specific lotion that soothes your skin.

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Whether on the legs, in the bikini line or on the armpits - when we talk about a shave, we most often walk along with these areas of the body with our razor. However, this common hair removal also has a certain disadvantage. We're talking about razor burn. If the skin turns red, itches, or even stings afterward, it may be a sign that it is high time to change your razor blade. ( By the way, we have listed for you what other things will happen if you don't do this. ) But it can likewise be an indicator that you have very sensitive skin.  However, such a rash does not always appear immediately after shaving. Sometimes your legs or armpits get itchy after a day at the pool or beach. This is mostly due to the chlorine or salt water, which can make freshly shaved parts of the body burn.

So that such redness and itching would quickly be a thing of the past, we were looking for a specific product that would help against razor burn. 

after shave

Even if razor burn can be prevented with certain things, such as peeling in the direction of growth or the use of shaving foam for hair removal, small pimples and redness can still occur depending on the skin type. And the vegan aftershave from Australian Body care is ideal for caring for and calming them down, which consists of 100 percent natural tea tree oil and optimally supplies the skin with moisture. If you already know that your skin will itch after hair removal, then you should apply the lotion to the treated areas immediately after shaving and leave it on for about two to three minutes. If you deal with particularly dry skin, you can massage the treatment into your legs, armpits and the like a second time. And if you are looking for a pain-relieving product against razor burn in the bikini zone, you can put the Intimate Balm from Australian Body care in your shopping cart for about 14 euros, which has just been developed and dermatologically tested for the sensitive skin region.



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