Good business accounts the right bank for your needs

account for business

For years we have been looking for a good and cheap checking accounts for you. More and more often, you are asking us what is important when you need an account as a self-employed person. That is why we have examined for you what a business account has to do.

Of course, a second account with the house bank would be desirable. The problem: some have no accounts for self-employed in the program, others none for corporations.

If you take a lot of cash, then you have to be able to deposit it cheaply and easily into your account - you are more likely to be correct with a branch bank, although it may be more expensive than a direct bank.

Smart software and common online interfaces should be part of the digital configuration of the account. You can use them to correctly assign your bookings, integrate your online shop or grant your tax advisor access to your data. How much that costs and what your account can do at this point again depend on the bank and account model.

As a rule, you cannot do business without a line of credit - be it a large investment loan, a credit card or a current account loan (the overdraft facility for business). So make sure that the bank grants such loans at all. Newer providers, in particular, do not always do this.



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