7 ideas for more sales - without any discounts

ideas for sales

Sell ​​more without sacrificing price? Seven Proven Ways Business Owners Can Get More Sales.

1. Installment payment

Whether washing machines, sofas or cars: some customers cannot or do not want to pay for expensive products in one fell swoop. Payment in installments can be the decisive argument for you to access anyway - and that in turn flushes additional money into the company's coffers.

For example, a sofa manufacturer could offer customers to pay the price of 2490 euros for a sofa bed in twelve monthly installments. If the entrepreneur waives an interest premium, the offer is, of course, all the more attractive.

Installment payments with or without interest

Without interest, customers would have to pay 207.50 euros per month for the 12-month installment purchase of the sofa. If the sofa manufacturer chooses the more common option - hire purchase with interest - and adds 6 percent interest to the monthly payment, he earns more on the sofa overall. In this way, the entrepreneur can additionally increase sales.

Important: Entrepreneurs must contractually agree to the hire purchase with their customers. Otherwise, they have nothing against him if he doesn't pay. The customer should also demonstrate a steady income.

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2. Anchor price

The cheap products sell well, the more expensive ones hardly? To change that, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a psychological phenomenon: the anchor effect. The basis of the effect is that people unconsciously look for comparison values ​​before making a purchase - this is how they check whether a price is appropriate.

Set price anchors to sell more expensive products

Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this phenomenon by setting price anchors: if they sell suitcases, for example, they should offer slimmed-down cheap models and premium models in addition to the standard variant. In many cases, this results in customers spending more money than they originally planned.

3. Warranties

Thoughts like these can discourage customers from buying something. Doubts that the decision to buy could be a bad one make you hesitate.

Guarantees take away many doubts from customers.

In order to relieve potential customers of these doubts, entrepreneurs can offer guarantees: A language course provider can promise with a guarantee of success that students will pass the language certificate test if they attend regularly - and if they fail, they will receive free additional lessons.

A manufacturer of high-quality hiking shoes could offer a service guarantee: if the shoes turn in to be too small or large, they will send a pair of the right size to the customer. If the shoe breaks, he repairs it or replaces it - for a lifetime.

Entrepreneurs can also convince customers with a satisfaction guarantee (money back if the customer is dissatisfied) or a punctuality guarantee (guaranteed delivery by  Or: repair within two days) - because all these guarantees give them the feeling: This company is sure that it offers a good product and that it will not disappoint its customers.

4. Upselling

Selling a customer a bike for 1000 euros even though they had already decided on the 800 euro model? This works with upselling: the seller shows the customer a more expensive product that has a few advantages that are missing in the cheaper variant. For example, the more expensive bike could have an automatic gearshift, better brakes and an integrated lock with alarm protection - as soon as someone tries to crack it, a deafening noise sounds.

Communicate price difference

Tip: Experts recommend not to mention the higher price when upselling, but the difference to the cheaper product. In addition, the braking quality of this bike does not decrease in wet conditions. And the bike automatically shifts into a higher or lower gear: That saves you energy and the hassle of shifting. "

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5. Cross-selling

With cross-selling, entrepreneurs offer customers who have already decided on a product suitable (usually cheaper) product.

Some examples:

If a customer buys sneakers, the seller could offer them a waterproofing spray or insoles.

In addition to a coffee machine with an integrated grinder, an entrepreneur sells his customers high-quality coffee beans.

A salesperson offers additional batteries for a video camera - useful if the customer is on the road for a long time and has no charging options.

Find out customer needs.

This strategy is more successful; the better an entrepreneur knows a customer. The coffee machine salesman can offer a customer with two small children a toy coffee machine in addition to the fully automatic machine - so that the offspring can emulate their father.

6. Scarcity

"Only 2 seats in this category!"

"The discount is just legitimate for three days!"

"Limited supply, strike now!"

The strategy of scarcity is behind advertising messages like these. The principle: the fewer copies there are of a product or, the shorter something is available, the more attractive it is for customers.

Those who want to rely on this strategy can, for example, offer limited editions of a product, visibly communicate to customers how many pieces of a product they still have in stock or offer digital offers such as an online course only during certain periods of time.

Caution: Entrepreneurs should not fake a shortage. Anyone who claims to have only ten products in stock even though the shelves are well-stocked could damage their reputation with this so-called artificial shortage.

7. Price Increase

The classic way to generate more sales: increase prices. In order not to scare off customers, entrepreneurs should think carefully about how they communicate the move - because anyone who virtually secretly screws up prices risks losing the customers' trust.

If a glasses seller increases the prices of individual frames, for example, he should justify the step: The purchase costs have risen, the company has invested in new machines that guarantee better quality for these frames - the prerequisite is of course that these reasons are true.



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