White teeth with coconut oil? That's how it's done!

white teeth with coconut oil

For white teeth, you don't necessarily have to resort to professional whitening. Coconut oil is also said to whiten teeth - naturally and without pain.

Coconut oil is a real wonder weapon - especially in the beauty sector, vegetable fat often proves to be a real all-round talent. For example, it conjures up supple hair, moisturizes chapped lips and is even said to whiten teeth. Yes, you heard that right. And the best thing is: the whole thing works without chemicals and is completely natural. Since I have used home remedies to whiten my teeth now and then, I wanted to test the coconut oil trend.

Coconut oil has an antibacterial effect

The method is not entirely new. Teeth whitening with oils has been known under the name of " oil pulling " for some years - maybe you have even heard of it. You can utilize any type of grease for oil pulling. Coconut oil is currently particularly popular.

Coconut oil is not only said to remove discoloration on the teeth but is also said to have an antibacterial effect. The reason for this is lauric acid, which is contained in the pulp. For example, lauric acid helps with bad breath, bleeding gums and is even said to prevent tooth decay. However, there is no study that fully demonstrates its effectiveness against bacteria. But just because of the whitening effect, I really wanted to test the coconut oil.

White teeth with coconut oil: how it works

Talked about it long enough. Now let's get started. All you need for natural teeth whitening is a teaspoon of coconut oil. You can get coconut oil in the supermarket or in the very high-quality version 

Step 1: Briefly heat the oil so that it becomes liquid.

Tip: You can simply spoon the coconut oil "cold" out of the glass, but then it takes a moment for the oil to liquefy in your mouth.

Step 2: Place a tsp of oil in your mouth.

Step 3: move the oil around in your mouth for around 15 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse mouth with a little water and brush teeth if necessary.

Important: In order for the oil to work, it should remain in motion all the time. This stimulates the flow of saliva and toxins such as bacteria can be better bound. Hence the term "oil pulling".

White teeth with coconut oil

use of coconut oil

First things first: Yes, I have the feeling that my teeth have been slightly lightened by the coconut oil. It's not a super big wow effect now, but I do think there is a slight difference. To get white teeth from coconut oil in the long term, you should repeat the application regularly. I can imagine that the effect will be even greater then.

However, there is also a big "but" in the whole thing. The 15 minutes of moving the oil around in my mouth felt like an eternity. I actually thought that I could simply integrate oil pulling into my dental care routine and maybe do something else in the meantime. However, I found it very exhausting to rock the oil back and forth for 15 minutes. But maybe it's a matter of habit, or I'm just too impatient.

Are you so impatient and don't feel like pulling oil? There is also coconut oil in the form of toothpaste, for example, mixed with activated carbon, which is supposed to intensify the whitening effect Of course there is numerous other toothpaste that also has a whitening effect. Pay attention to the active ingredients of the items, some toothpaste can damage your tooth enamel.

If you are not in the mood for any oils or special toothpaste, you can also try phone bleaching

In order to have white and well-groomed teeth in the long term, besides the entire product, meticulous dental care super important. You should brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day with a good toothpaste. It is also best to use dental floss to clean the interdental spaces. You need to likewise go to the dental practitioner regarding twice a year. Only that can remove tartar and caries. In addition to oil pulling and the like, good dental care is the be-all and end-all for beautiful teeth.

White teeth with coconut oil: conclusion

If you feel like it, you can definitely try teeth whitening with coconut oil. After all, it's all-natural and you won't damage your teeth, gums and enamel. My teeth are very sensitive to pain, but I have not noticed any negative changes after the coconut oil.

Also positive: the pleasant taste of coconut oil. A slight effect can also be seen. If the coconut oil actually eliminates bacteria, bad breath, and even prevents tooth decay, I am thrilled and might be able to overlook the fact that I found the application to be quite exhausting.

Of course, I cannot determine whether this is the case after an application. However, if you want to get white teeth quickly without a lot of effort, you are wrong with coconut oil. Then you'd better choose a different method.



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