Vacation with your dog: 10 tips for comfortable and safe road trips with your four-legged friend

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If you follow a few simple things, the vacation with your four-legged friend will be a great adventure for both of you.

Whether we take a long, adventurous road trip or just drive to our holiday destination - for most of us, this means vacation display a long road trip. And because we want to have all our loved ones around us on vacation, we don't like to leave our four-legged friends behind at such moments. But taking the dog on a long journey by car may not be comfortable for many of us.

In contrast to a long flight, a car trip like this is definitely no agony for your dog - provided you pay attention to all the things that are important. If you make sure with a few tips that your four-legged friend is happy, satisfied and safe, one can travel display a great experience for both of you!

1. Make certain your dog is comfortable in the car

Before you start the trip, it should, of course, be ensured that your animal companion has no problem with car trips. So if you are not regularly in the car with him, be sure to do a little "test drive" beforehand.
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2. Consult the veterinarian beforehand

Although you know your dog as well as no one else, you should go back to the vet you trust before going on a long trip. He can professionally assess whether and how your four-legged friend survives a long road trip.

3. Get a health certificate

If you are taking a trip further afield, it is recommended to have a current health certificate from your four-legged friend with you. If necessary, you can show that he has all the necessary vaccinations and is healthy.

4. Bring a portable water bowl and enough food

On a car trip lasting several hours or even several days, your dog should of course not suffer from hunger or thirst. And since it cannot always be assumed that a rest area is equipped accordingly, you should have the most necessary things with you.

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5. Offer your dog a comfortable place in the car

Many dogs become restless on longer trips. To prevent this, you shouldn't just tie it up. Instead, offer him a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

6. Pack your favorite toy

Similar to small children, many four-legged friends feel comforted by familiar soft toys and toys. So be sure to pack your dog's favorite companions. Chewing bones and toys are particularly suitable because they provide the animal with activity while driving.

7. Prepare yourself for dirt

Mishaps can happen, and dogs are not the cleanest travel companions. So be sure to bring a towel, wet wipes, etc. to prevent a medium-sized disaster if necessary.
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8. Check the first aid kit beforehand

Just like people, our four-legged friends are dependent on first aid in an emergency. So make sure all your equipment in the car. Alternatively, you can even get a first aid kit, especially for your dog.

9. Stop regularly

While in doubt, we humans can drive for hours without a break if the bladder isn't pressing, our dogs need a few more breaks. So make sure you stop regularly to let your dog out in the fresh air.

10. Use the air conditioning early

Even if you don't find the heat in the car uncomfortable, your four-legged friend could slowly but surely overheat. So, especially in high temperatures, switch on the air conditioning in good time or open a window while driving so that your dog keeps a cool head.



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