These are the three biggest nail polish trends in summer 2021

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Which nail polish trends are all the rage in summer 2021 and with which colors and styles will your nails now be an eye-catcher? We have the answer.

You can never have enough beautiful nail polishes. Especially now in summer, it is a lot of fun to decorate our toenails and fingernails with the right color and thus to provide one or two eye-catchers.

We started looking for the nail polish trends for summer 2021. So much can be said: The new designs ensure a good mood!

Nail polish trend # 1: Lilac

color lilac

This summer nothing works without this color: lilac! The popular pastel shade not only looks great on our clothes and accessories but also looks really great on our nails. Because lilac immediately gives us a fresh and stylish look without being too intrusive.

Styling tip: In combination with summery outfits in white or beige, but also with casual denim looks, lilac-colored fingernails and toenails really come into their own.

We particularly liked this nail polish in pastel purple from the ANNY brand. 

Nail polish trend # 2: Nude & Pink

Nail polish trend  nude & pink

The playful lilac is too much for you and you prefer it simple and natural? Then watch out: subtle nude and rose tones are back and extremely popular again in summer 2021.

The delicate tones have a noble and super classy look, make our fingernails and toenails look neat and can be worn with any outfit. In addition, the trend lacquers prove that bright colors are not always required to be eye-catching.

Extra tip: A top coat  makes the nude nails shine particularly well.

You want to know which nail polish color really suits you? Then do our test and find out which color suits your personality!

Nail polish trend # 3: Colored French nails

Nail polish and car driving

Nobody should miss this nail polish trend in summer 2021: colored French nails. That's right: French nails are back, but not in their classic look with rose-colored clear coat and white tip, but as a colorful variant. It fits perfectly with summer and is definitely an eye-catcher.

And this is how it works: First coat your entire nails with a clear lacquer. Then the nail tips are painted in French nail style one after the other. Whether you choose only one or more color varnishes is up to your personal taste.

By the way: Have you ever heard of Slanted French Nails? With these trend nails, not only is the front nail tip painted white, but the varnish is applied diagonally in an oblique arc along the nail tip.



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