The Big Five of the best bike tours in Europe

bike tours in Europe

The travel warnings for 29 European countries due to the corona pandemic were lifted in mid-June. Travel within Europe is possible again. We have some nice ideas.

Croatia: Cruising along the Croatian Adriatic

The Croatian Adriatic is one of the most-beautiful and varied regions in all of Europe. Along the rugged coast, there are not only steep banks and quiet bays, but also original villages and vibrant cities like Zadar and Split, which can be explored wonderfully by bike. Along Euro-Velo 8, you can immerse yourself in Croatia's fantastic culture on around 600 kilometers of well-developed cycle paths between Rijeka and the Adriatic Pearl of Dubrovnik. At the same time, unique natural treasures can be discovered: After all, beautiful beaches, thousands of islands and several national parks line the path.

Keeping a long story short:

Route: Rijeka - Dubrovnik; Cycle path: Euro-Velo 8; Total length: 584 kilometers; Difficulty level: easy to medium

Northern England: From coast to coast and lake to lake

The popular C2C cycle route runs between the northern English coastal towns of Whitehaven and Sunderland. The total of 236 kilometers leads through breathtaking British landscapes such as the Lake District National Park and the Pennies. The sections through the low mountain range are quite steep in terms of incline, which is why families should think about which stages they want to ride beforehand. Ambitious drivers are rewarded with a magnificent view after the Hart side Pass on the top of the North Pennies.

Keeping a long story short:

Route: Whitehaven - Sunderland; Cycle route: C2C; Total length: 236 kilometers; Degree of difficulty: medium to difficult

Denmark: herring scent and Baltic breeze

The Danish Bornholm has a well-developed network of cycle paths that not only crisscrosses the island but also all around. On the drive along the attractive coast of the easternmost island of Denmark, you cycle comfortably over gentle slopes and cobblestones, through forests and cozy coastal towns such as Sandvig and Gudhjem. It smells of smoked herring, which is traditionally served here with capers, raw onions and egg yolk and there is a gentle breeze from the Baltic Sea. The highlights of Bornholm are Jons Kapel, an impressive rock formation on the northwest coast, as well as the medieval castle ruin Hammershus and the many round churches. In good weather, you can see from the west side to Sweden.

Keeping a long story short:

Route: Rönne - Rönne; Cycle route: Cykelvej 10; Total length: 105 kilometers; Difficulty level: easy to medium

Spain: like on rails

A narrow-gauge railway once connected the mines of Ojos Negros with the Spanish Mediterranean coast in the port of Sagunt. Today you can cycle along the railway line that has been closed since the 1970s and marvel at the impressive nature of Aragon and the Comunidad Valenciana on the way to the sea: These include the Sierra Menera and the mountain landscape between Teruel and the coast. The city of Teruel itself, with its UNESCO-protected Mudejar architecture, is a must on the way. At 165 kilometers long, the Vía Verde de Ojos Negros is the longest railway cycle path in all of Spain. There are 14 tunnels and 37 bridges and viaducts along the beautiful route.

Keeping a long story short:

Route: Ojos Negros - Sagunto Cycle route: CR 23 Total length: 165 kilometers Degree of difficulty: medium

Poland: White sandy beach without end

Beyond the Oder, the Polish Baltic Sea Cycle Route begins on the island of Usedom in Swinoujscie, which is a real insider tip, especially for families and nature lovers. The great coastline is a never-ending white sandy beach that invites you to spontaneously cool off in the Baltic Sea waves between the individual stages. The Polish shore of the Baltic-Sea is also known as the Amber Coast because the gold of the Baltic Sea is washed up here again and again. Maybe you will find something during the breaks on the beach. The absolute highlight on the route is the Kolberg spa and the old Hanseatic city of Gdansk as well as the uniquely beautiful Slovak National Park.

Keeping a long story short:

Route: Swinoujscie - Gdansk; Cycle route: R 10; Total length: 475 kilometers; Difficulty level: easy



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