Strawberry Dalgona: This recipe is better than Dalgona Coffee

Make Strawberry Dalgona

Dalgona coffee was yesterday - the new trend drink is called Strawberry Dalgona, and its fruity taste is perfect for summer!

Pretty in Pink: The sweet little sister of the Dalgona Coffee is a dream in pink and is called Strawberry Dalgona. Also known on the web as Whipped Strawberry Milk.

Strawberry Dalgona not only looks pretty, but it's also wonderfully refreshing. Just like the iced coffee variant, the strawberry drink is based on ice-cold milk. It is now topped with a creamy strawberry cream topping that makes every normal milkshake pale with envy.

We have the recipe for Strawberry Dalgona and then show you how to prepare the trend drink in a healthy way in summer 2020. We also have a vegan, lactose-free version for strawberry Dalgona in store for you.

Strawberry Dalgona: recipe and preparation

Good news: Strawberry Dalgona is even easier and faster to prepare than Dalgona Coffee. You only need three ingredients for the original recipe: strawberry powder, cream and milk. Ice cubes are added as an extra.

But how do you make strawberry Dalgona? Strawberry Dalgona replaces the instant coffee powder from Whipped Coffee with dry strawberry powder. No additional sugar is needed because the freeze-dried strawberry powder is naturally sweet enough.

Recipe for Whipped Strawberry Dalgona

Strawberry Milk

You need these ingredients:
  • 2 tbsp. strawberry powder
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • milk
  • Ice cubes
Mix the strawberry powder and cream with the hand mixer until the strawberry cream becomes stiff. It is better to beat a little shorter than too long. Otherwise, the cream will be butter. Fill a glass about halfway with milk and ice cubes and pour the strawberry cream over it. Yummy!

Tip: If the drink is not sweet enough for you, you can sweeten it with honey or maple syrup.

Which strawberry powder for Strawberry Dalgona?

For homemade strawberry Dalgona, it's best to use organic strawberry powder made from freeze-dried strawberries. This tastes particularly intense of strawberry and is healthier than artificially produced strawberry flavoring powder, to which extra sugar has often been added.

If you cannot get strawberry powder (here you can order one from Amazon) *, normal strawberry jam is also suitable for Strawberry Dalgona.

In this case, whip the cream separately until stiff and then mix it with the jam. The cream is naturally sweeter.

So the Whipped Strawberry Milk is healthier.

If you are on a diet or bikini challenge in the summer, the thought of Strawberry Dalgona with cream will shake you off. The same goes for vegans and anyone who is allergic to lactose or milk protein.

Instead of cow's milk, you can simply use plant milk. Our recommendation: Nutty almond milk. The only problem left is the cream. And that too can be easily exchanged for lower-calorie vegan alternatives. Either with coconut milk or Aquafaba - both healthy ingredients that can be whipped up like real cream.

With coconut milk or coconut cream, the Whipped Strawberry Milk gets a delicious exotic twist. Unadulterated strawberry taste arises with the Aquafaba variant. As a reminder: Aquafaba is the brew of pickled chickpeas or beans. The juice is tasteless and is used as an egg substitute in vegan baking.

Recipe for Strawberry Dalgona with coconut cream

Strawberry Dalgona with coconut cream

You need these ingredients:
  • 1/2 can of coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp. strawberry powder
Here's how it works: So that the coconut cream can be whipped, it is important that the coconut milk or coconut cream contains as much coconut as possible. If you put the can in the fridge overnight or store it in the freezer half an hour beforehand, it will become firmer.

Don't shake! You skim off the thick coconut part at the top and mix it until foamy with the hand mixer until the coconut milk has reached the consistency of cream. Now you mix in the strawberry powder and garnish your ice-cold almond milk with it.

Vegan Whipped Strawberry Milk with Aquafaba

You need these ingredients:
  • 30 ml Aquafaba (brew of chickpeas)
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tbsp. strawberry powder
Stir the Aquafaba until foamy with the electric hand mixer for 3 minutes. Add the sugar and mix-again for 30-seconds. Mix in the strawberry powder and whip everything into a stiff cream for another 30 seconds. Put the vegan strawberry cream on your glass with ice cubes and almond milk and enjoy.

More Dalgona variants for summer

Instead of strawberry powder, you can, of course, use any other fruit powder of your choice. Dalgona variants with chai, cocoa, matcha or turmeric, such as golden milk, are also popular on social networks.

If you want to have a cheat day, we recommend a glass of Oreo Dalgona. Simply crumble four Oreo biscuits in a freezer bag with a rolling pin and mix with the cream. Delicious!



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