Sleeping under the stars - these are the craziest accommodations in Switzerland


How about shooting stars from the bed? This is possible in Switzerland, where you can sleep in pop-up hotels in the open air. We present twelve accommodations - from the blooming mountain meadow to the penthouse terrace of a luxury hotel.

This summer, Switzerland loves extremes: when it comes to accommodations, the classification of one to five stars seems to be resolved.

The zero-star hotel campaign started in early June, a campaign by concept artists Frank and Petrik Riklin from St. Gallen. In several places in Eastern Switzerland, there are beds on the meadow, on the mountain slope or between the vines in the vineyard. These "Zero Real Estate" suites have made a name for themselves, some of them have been booked out for weeks, despite the steep prices starting at 295 euros per night.

Since the beginning of July, the Alpen-land has been attracting attention with special accommodations. This time there is no art project behind the campaign, but Switzerland Tourism is going full speed ahead and defining a new, natural luxury beyond the five stars: "Million Stars Hotels" is the motto.

55 accommodations from the equivalent of 75 euros per night

At more than 50 locations across Switzerland, the beds are under the open sky. The landscape serves as wallpaper; instead of a roof over the head, there is the starry sky. Almost all offers were created for the project.

The spectrum ranges from roof terraces of classic hotels and is organized by hoteliers as well as bed and breakfast providers, mountain farmers and hut operators. Depending on the accommodation, the price range accordingly ranges from 80 to 800 Swiss francs for one night, each for two, including breakfast, which is often served in bed.

For everyone who is afraid of a rain shower or thunderstorm, it should be said: "If necessary, alternative overnight accommodation will be made available to you", is the reassurance of the organizers.

On the following pages of the photo gallery above, we present twelve of the 55 unusual accommodation offers that can be booked online for this and next summer.



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