Cheap travel destinations: these are the top savings cities in 2021!

Top savings cities in 2020

Are you already busy looking for cheap travel destinations for 2021? We have the top savings cities for you, where you don't have to do without anything - worldwide! 

Anyone who has not yet planned their annual vacation for 2021, but would like to do so, will definitely find it in our list. Whether a beach vacation or city trip: We show you the cheapest travel destinations all over the world. 

The top 10 savings cities around the world came out.

Cheap travel destinations: 1st place goes to Cairo

The capital of Egypt has a lot to offer vacationers. You can discover the history of the country in the Egyptian Museum, which even exhibits royal mummies and artifacts from Pharaoh Tutankhamun. You can also take a trip to two of Egypt's landmarks and visit the Sphinx or the Pyramids of Giza - the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. Both are just beyond Cairo.

The city on the Nile also offers all the amenities of a metropolis. You can stroll through the famous Khan el-Khalili market, enjoy a 360-degree view of the city in the restaurant of the Cairo Tower or even take a couple of hours drive and drive directly to the Red Sea. So connect that beach vacation display on the Red Sea with a city break in the country's capital.

Egyptian Museum

Best time to go: It is pleasantly warm and sunny all year round in Cairo. The best time to travel is seen in spring and autumn, as temperatures in Cairo can range from 26 to 35 degrees. The chance of rain is consistently low all year round. Most rainy days are in January (around 3.5 days).

Cheap travel destinations: Mexico City ranks second

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. So if you want to travel to a real megacity, you are in good hands here. Street musicians, traders and street food - there's always something going on in Mexico City. Accordingly, it can also be too loud for one or the other.

A visit to the historic city center, where you can still find stately buildings, or to El Parque de Chapultepec compensates. In the huge park area, you can stroll through markets or marvel at traditional dances.

Caution: The crime rate is very high in Mexico City. Travelers are advised not to take taxi rides and to use Uber instead, as all rides are registered there. A 20-minute trip only costs about two dollars.

Mexico City

Best travel time: April is considered the ideal travel time for Mexico City. In April the temperatures are between 16 and 28 degrees, with little chance of rain. From May the chances of rain increase and this applies until October when the temperatures drop. Most rainy days are in September (13 days).

Cheap travel destinations: 3rd place goes to Antalya

Turkey is almost exclusively associated with all-inclusive beach holidays on the Turkish Riviera. Most fly to the largest airport in the region in Antalya and drive or fly straight on. The Turkish cities also have a lot to offer, and Antalya is even right by the sea!

In Antalya, you can still admire the remains of Roman rules, such as the 1,700-year-old Hadrian's Gate or the ruins of the ancient city of Perge (about 15 kilometers outside). Finds from Perge and other archaeological sites in the region are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum.

However, you can also combine a city vacation with a beach vacation. Visit the Konyaalti Beach Park amusement park or one of the numerous cafes, bars and restaurants (or the open-air clubs in the evening). Bargain hunters can really let off steam in the bazaar.

Turkish Riviera

Best travel time: The ideal travel time for Antalya is from May to June and from September to October. Then vacationers expect temperatures between 18 and 31 degrees with low rainfall. The months of December to February are considered the rainy season. In December you can expect 13 rainy days.

Favorable travel destinations: 4th place goes to Buenos Aires

You have to bring some time to visit the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. The flight time is about 14 hours, and the city itself has so much to offer that it is impossible to have breakfast in a few days. It's less about classic sightseeing than about experiences.

Discover the most famous barrio in the city, the La Boca district, and stroll through the shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs, dance with one of the numerous milongas (meet for tango dancing in the middle of the street) or marvel at the colorful colonial houses. Before dark, however, you should leave the quarter as a traveler for security reasons.

Shoppers will find boutiques of local designers instead of large fashion chains in Palermo Viejo. The Plaza Serrano becomes a fashion market at the weekend, and even local restaurants make their premises available to fashion sellers as pop-up stores.

Argentine capital

Best travel time: The best travel time for Buenos Aires is from March to April. The temperatures are in between 17 and 27 degrees. The chance of rain is around 20% all year round. The majority of rainy days are in October (12 days).

Cheap travel destinations: 5th place goes to Mumbai

A trip to Mumbai may not necessarily count as a vacation. It is likely to be stressful because it can be busy, loud, and dirty. In addition, one is also confronted with extreme poverty, because the gap between rich and poor is very large in Mumbai.

Nevertheless, you can also look forward to delicious food (Mango Lassis!), Wonderful colors and magnificent buildings. However, sensitive European stomachs should only be provided with cooked food and bottled water - you should only drink the delicious mango lassies in restaurants in front of which queues form. Long lines (including street food) are an indication of good hygiene.


Best time to go: Ideally you travel to Mumbai from January to February. The temperatures are then between 26 and 34 degrees. It can get significantly warmer for the rest of the year. There is also a rainy season from June to August. With as much as 24 rainy days in August.

Cheap destinations: 6th place goes to Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai is located about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is much less known, but also offers tourists a dream vacation. Not only are the costs on site low, but the country also attracts with return flights for less than 600 euros. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, travelers only fly about an hour.

Instead of the famous tuktuks, travelers in Chiang Mai should rather take one of the red taxis. These are red trucks with passengers in the back. A trip usually only costs around 30 baht (75 cents) per person.

There are also hundreds of temples in the city, so culture lovers will also get their money's worth. The old town is surrounded by a city wall and a canal. If you want, you can also be guided through Chiang Mai.

Capital of Thailand

Best time to go: Ideal conditions are from November to February. The temperatures are between 17 and 34 degrees, and the chance of rain is very low. In contrast, the rainy season is from May to September. With as much as 17 rainy days in August.

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Cheap destinations: 7th place goes to Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia is also an affordable travel destination. In Kuala Lumpur, you will find numerous rooftop bars where you can enjoy the view of the city. You can also expect cheap and delicious street food on Jalan Alor Street and lots of sights such as Petronas Towers or Merdeka Square, where Malaysia's independence was declared.

If you are looking for a special shopping experience, you will find it in Bukit Bintang. In the district, there are designer shops, as well as malls, restaurants and cafes. Travelers can also buy handmade and decorative items in the Central Market.

capital of Malaysia

Best time to visit: In Kuala Lumpur, it actually rains all year round. Most rainy days are in November (27 days). Less precipitation can be expected from January to February and June to August. Therefore, these months are also considered the best travel time. Then you still have to count on 17 to 19 rainy days.

Cheap travel destinations: 8th place goes to Riga

Riga is one of the few European cities to make it into the top 10 cheapest travel destinations. However, this is not because there are no cheap travel destinations in Europe. Destinations in Asia are just cheaper.

Those who want to spend a cheap holiday in Europe travel to countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia - or to Riga in Latvia. The advantage: In Riga not only are the prices on the ground lower but the flights there are also cheap.

Riga is located directly on the Baltic Sea and therefore not only convinces with city life but also with beautiful beaches. If you want, you can still spend your city vacation by the sea.

However, Riga has so much more to offer: splendid Art Nouveau architecture in Alberta Iela, cute alleys in the old town and the magnificent National Latvian Art Museum - there are plenty of cultural highlights in Riga.

European  city

Best travel time: The best travel time for Riga are the months: June to September. The chance of rain is between 30 and 40 per-cent all year round, with about 14 to 19 rainy days per month.

Cheap travel destinations: 9th place goes to Pattaya

Thailand makes it onto the list of cheapest travel destinations with two cities. Pattaya is located on the Gulf Coast and used to be a quiet fishing village. Today it is a real city with around 300,000 inhabitants and millions of tourists every year.

Pattaya is now home to large hotels, shopping centers, and plenty of clubs and bars.

The cost of living is significantly cheaper. So it's worth taking alcohol out of duty-free. Travelers who are a little away from the tourist hotspots, travel significantly cheaper and experience quieter restaurants and significantly cleaner beaches.

But Pattaya also has a lot to offer culturally. For example, visit the world-famous Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai) statue or the Wat Yansangwararam temple, which offers great views in good weather. Or just enjoy the beautiful sea on the beach. However, it is worthwhile to look for more remote beaches, since the main beach is usually overcrowded.

Thailand  cities

Best time to travel: The months of November to February are particularly pleasant with temperatures of 26 to 33 degrees. From May to October, you can expect up to 80 per-cent chance of rain with 15 to 19 rainy days.

Cheap travel destinations: 10th place goes to Moscow

Moscow is probably the biggest surprise on this list. The capital of Russia(RU) has actually long been considered amongst one of the most pricey cities worldwide. However, this has changed due to the weak ruble.

Now travelers can experience the culture and sights of Moscow for little money. The best way to travel is by metro, as traffic in Moscow is characterized by mega traffic jams. Not only is the metro the fastest way to get around, you only pay around 74 cents no matter how far you go. In addition, the metro stations are so sumptuously designed that you might think you were in a palace or museum.

There are of course plenty of magnificent sights, such as Red Square, the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral, the symbol of the city.

capital of Russia

Best time to go: From October to April it gets really cold in Moscow. During this time you can expect temperatures down to -20 degrees. The best travel time is, therefore, from May to August. Then you can expect mild temperatures of 12 to 26 degrees. Moscow has around 13 to 21 rainy days throughout the year.



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