External abnormalities on the breasts

small boobs

Whether nature provides a woman with rather elongated or round breasts is largely a matter of heredity. However, external influences, such as high-performance sports, pregnancies and medication, also often have a significant impact on the size of the breasts. For example, the " pill " leads to breast enlargement in some women, but also overweight and underweight, and diseases of other organs play a role.

Breasts of different sizes are usually not a cause for concern. It is very common for breasts and nipples to grow asymmetrically at puberty. Most of the time, this compensates for itself towards the end of puberty. Sometimes, however, an externally perceptible breast size remains in the long term. This can also be a late consequence of breast infection ( mastitis ) during breastfeeding. However, if one or both breasts grow in size at an older age, one should think of a pathological change. While with bilateral changes z. B. a mastopathy (non-inflammatory mammary gland change) can be behind it; breast cancer should be clarified with asymmetrical changes.

Kick Secretion from the nipple, the consistency gives first indications of a possible cause. If the escaping liquid appears clear or milky, in nine out of ten cases, there are harmless triggers such as stress, physical exertion or medication. Bloody secretions are usually a sign of benign milk duct papilloma, but occasionally also of breast cancer.



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