Should you wear a bra to bed, it is bad or not

sleep with a bra at night

Can you leave your bra on at night or is it rather harmful? Difficult question! Some are happy when they can finally strip their bra in the evening; others feel complete without being too naked. What speaks for sleeping-with-bra, and why not?

Why do some women sleep with bra and others without?

The breast size definitely plays a role. Many women with big breasts feel more comfortable wearing a bra while sleeping. Regardless of the breast size, especially women who have had breast surgery, wear a bra when sleeping. 

Is it recommended to sleep with a bra at night?

Sleeping with a bra is generally not recommended. We often move unconsciously in our sleep and roll from one side to the other. The bra often slips and does not sit where it should be. If anything, only a bra without a strap should be worn when sleeping. 

Can it even be harmful if we leave the bra on at night?

The fact that the bra slips while turning while you sleep means that the underwire can exert too much pressure in the wrong place. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also cause bruises - or, in the worst case, ulcers. In rare cases, these can even develop into malignant ulcers. 

What should you watch out for if you still want to sleep with a bra?

The bra shouldn't have any straps and should at best be made of breathable material, for example, micro-modal or cotton. Since you generally sweat more at night, it is also important for hygienic reasons to wash the bra regularly. 

Should you wear a bra to bed - Is it bad to wear a bra to bed

Going to bed with the bra even has rather negative consequences, the doctors agree. Bras have no influence whatsoever on the shape of our bust size, nor on the tightness that is lost in the course of the natural ageing process. Wearing bras that are too tight at night can cause bruises or poor circulation to lead. Squeezes can also occur here, especially if the bra is not properly seated, causing it to slip and constrict. Some experts also believe that lymph nodes and ducts could be compressed, which would result in the body no longer being able to filter and excrete pollutants. Therefore, there is also the risk that cysts or nodules can develop in the long term.

bra to bed

Now especially women with larger breasts feel more comfortable when they wear a bra at night because it gives them a feeling of more support. In this case, you should at least make sure that the bra is the right size and does not cut anywhere, or fillings and hardwires should be avoided. Parts that have elaborate lace trimmings or other decorations that could scratch the skin at night or leave pressure marks are also not recommended. It is best to use seamless busters that are not too tight, do not cut in anywhere, and give way strongly.

Therefore, the experts' recommendation is: If you would rather sleep with a bra, it is better to use non-iron bras or light sports bras. They support the chest but are not too tight



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