5 tips for a stronger self confidence

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We decide how confident we are. No one can make us feel inferior without our authorization. It is we who ultimately decide whether we are confident or insecure.

Confidence can be as changeable as the weather. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes cloudy and sometimes rainy. We trust our abilities on some days, while we doubt on other days.

There are days when we jump out of bed full of energy and days when we would like to crawl under the covers again until a new day begins. And that's OK too. There are different seasons.

The only important thing is that we continue and trust in ourselves. It doesn't matter whether we have lost our job, moved to another city or started new friendships.

Our life is characterized by constant changes that do not leave even the most confident people untouched.

It is important that we are the voice in our head. That we trust in our skills and strength. We make our decisions and have to live with the results. By staying strong internally, we can also maintain our self-confidence. 

There are various options that can help us to make strong self confidence.

1: Breathe and trust

If we breathe consciously and take a moment of silence and seclusion, we can sort our thoughts and trust our intuition. The more time we find for silence, the more instinctive feelings and trust grow.

2: Go to bed early

Some many different influences and impressions come to us every day. When we have slept in, we can control our feelings and emotions better than we can.

Sleeping is an easy way to find peace and quiet. It helps to go to bed consciously earlier in a day or two in order to process all the impressions. Sometimes the best solutions come for challenges in your sleep.

3: Thirst for adventure

If we stay as curious and adventurous as we were when we were kids, we have unlimited opportunities and adventures. We can try and experiment with new things regularly. We can attend a painting class, jump through puddles while jogging, listen to music from unknown artists, or choose a different route to work.

4: Fewer notifications

There are countless ways to communicate with each other these days. It is necessary that we do not allow all the information to drip onto us, which then determines our life. What smartphone notifications do we allow? Which can we switch off?

5: Be your own best friend

We are the only person who hears us thinking, is always there when we are bad and can give the best tips around the clock.

The more we enjoy ourselves, the happier we become. We will start to rejoice in ourselves, will be braver and happier. It is important that we learn to be happy with ourselves and to be happy about ourselves.

When we are clean with ourselves, we are aware of ourselves. We are beginning to trust that we have the ability and judgment to know what is best for us. We start to get to know each other better.



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