These ten camping gadgets make everyday camping life easier

ten camping gadgets

As nice as a tent vacation can be, we have to do without many luxury items. Fortunately, there are many practical camping gadgets available today that provide more comfort outdoors.

Are you also the kind of person who is convinced that you can easily do without running water and electricity while on vacation - and at the latest when camping you realize that a little luxury would be nice? Then you are not alone! Because hand on heart: with increasing age, it becomes more and more difficult for us to renounce all comfort. Especially when it comes to morning coffee, there is no doubt that the fun stops. But why do you have to do without everyday things that you value at home on the campsite? There are no laws that tell you how to spend your vacation in the great outdoors. Apart from the fact that there are now a variety of practical gadgets for on the go that make your (camping) life easier:

List of important camping gadgets  

1. A foldable kettle

foldable kettle for camping

Pretty much every camping site that is subject to a fee is equipped with sanitary facilities that allow you to take care of your daily personal hygiene, wash dishes and also fill up with water. So if you don't want to do without hot drinks such as tea while on vacation, all you need is a kettle - but it usually doesn't fit in your luggage. What a luck that there are now models for the road, you only need to connect to an external power source and can be folded to save space. 

2. An inflatable sofa

inflatable sofa for camping

Couchsurfing on vacation? That is also no problem! With the inflatable sofa, you can create your own outdoor lounge at the campsite. And best of all, you don't need an air pump - instead, you just use the wind to fill the waterproof case with air. This video explains exactly how this works. Once filled, the sofa lasts up to 24 hours. Thanks to the integrated headrest, you enjoy the same comfort as at home.

3. LED camping lamps

led lamp for camping

Did you spend the evenings in the tent in the dark earlier? The times when a flashlight was the only source of light are long gone. In the 21st century, LED lamps are very popular - also on the campsite. From a foldable night light that can be charged via USB to practical LED lamps that can be hung in the tent using carabiners, there are all sorts of light sources that not only shine differently but are also waterproof. 

4. Camping dishes

dishes for camping

This set includes everything you need to cook at the campsite: a mini cooker (for screw-in cartridge and tank holder for gas cartridge), two aluminum pots, a spoon, a fork, a knife, a stainless steel mug, a silicone-insulated cup protector and two tote bags. The small pot can also be used as a lid, pan or plate - everything can be plugged together so that your camping dishes take up less space.

5. A manual espresso machine

manual espresso machine for camping

Of course, you don't have to do without your beloved outdoor coffee - even if you spend your vacation at a campsite or in a tent. Here is an espresso machine that you can operate manually. You simply fill the device with hot water, insert the ESE pod or the adapter for coffee powder, turn the machine upside down and press the piston. The black gold is already flowing! 

6. A wireless power bank 

wireless power bank  for camping

Even if the vacation is meant to be switched off and a short break from radio and television would certainly do us any good, we are often dependent on the internet for leisure or professional reasons. However, charging a smartphone at a campsite is quite difficult - for this reason, there is a wireless charger for the outdoor area: The power bank enables wireless charging, and it can also be charged (in an emergency) using a solar panel.

7. An outdoor bottle cooler

outdoor bottle cooler for camping

If you are travelling by car and still have room for a bottle cooler, this camping gadget is a must for anyone who prefers cold drinks - even on the campsite. Since cooling options for campers without caravans are mostly in short supply, the sinkable downhole beverage cooler is a real treat: As the name suggests, the device is embedded in the floor to cool up to 15 bottles at the same time, without electricity. 

8. A toiletry bag to hang up

toiletry bag  for camping

The interior has an antibacterial coating so that your hygiene items are not exposed to any germs. Apart from the fact that the toiletry bag is waterproof (in case something leaks), the bag has many compartments of different sizes, in which you can put your toothbrush, shampoo and deodorant. Ideal for on the go, the bag can be hung anywhere without taking up space. This is especially useful in small tents where every inch counts.

9. A drinking bag

folding drinking bag

If the water supply is running low and there is no germ-free source within reach, you can also drink the water from rivers, streams or lakes - provided you have a mobile water filter with you, which is integrated into this drinking bag, for example, it ensures for not consuming harmful microorganisms (including bacteria and protozoa). Free of BPA and PVC, the bag can be folded (empty) to save space. 

10. A camping washing machine

washing machine for camping

If you haven't taken a lot of clothes with you on vacation, you have to wash your clothes every now and then. But not every tent site provides its campers with a washroom, so you may have to lend a hand yourself. And this is where the camping washing machine comes into play - it is a kind of washing bag that you fill with dirty laundry, water and detergent. Then it is closed and vented, after which you only have to "rub" the clothes for 30 seconds to three minutes.



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