Sport and Hair Loss

hair loss

Exercise is among the most vital variables for your hair health. For healthier and livelier hair.

It is not always enough to follow a proper nutritional program, use natural hair products, and not have any health problems, and active sport can indirectly influence hair loss.

Although it does not seem possible under the current conditions to exercise regularly and to eat healthily.

You can do this by making minor changes in your daily life. The point to keep in mind here is to do the sport you enjoy. How does the game affect our hair health?

The problem I want to mention here is the impact of sport on stress.

Stress affects our entire body, including our hair, of course. Stress is one of the factors that trigger androgenetic hair loss.

When we exercise, serotonin is produced more, which reduces stress in the body,

the blood circulation is boosted, and the hair roots are nourished.

Accordingly, it is believed that hair loss will decrease.

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