Posture trainer: This is how a straight holder should contribute to an upright posture

Posture trainers process

Posture trainers are easy to use and are intended to help people adopt a healthy posture. In the long term, this measure should help prevent back problems. Read here which posture trainers are available.

Consciously paying attention to a healthy posture in (professional) everyday life is not easy. Anyone who has ever been to a specialist and has been shown what the correct posture should look like realizes that this can only be implemented in everyday life if careful attention is paid to it. Improper posture can lead to permanent damage and pain. This is especially true for people who do little or no exercise because sooner or later they will be affected by back, shoulder or neck pain. Targeted training of the muscles is therefore recommended for everyone, but posture trainers can also be a practical help in everyday life to maintain an upright posture. It is a kind of belt that can be worn over or under clothing.

Do posture trainers make sense?

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Whether a posture trainer makes sense for you personally can only be answered individually. If you've had back, shoulder, or neck pain for a long time, a posture trainer could help you correct your posture. This is especially true for people who do an office job, move little and have to look at the computer a lot. If you are unsure whether a posture trainer is useful for you, you can get advice from an orthopedist or physiotherapist. This can also be useful when it comes to how long and how often you should wear the posture trainer. Manufacturers make recommendations about this to match your products, but individual advice from specialists achieves better results. A posture trainer is useful as support in everyday life because the belt reminds you when you are upright and when you are not. In the long term, this ensures a learning effect, and you adopt the correct posture yourself.

Posture trainer in comparison

There are different providers of posture trainers. Here you will find three straight brackets in comparison.

Posture trainer from Black roll

The manufacturer Black roll is known for its fascia rolls, but also offers various other products, such as this posture trainer. According to the manufacturer, it should ensure better posture at work, in everyday life and during sports. He specifically strengthens the shoulder and back muscles. The straight holder should be easy to put on thanks to a practical Velcro fastener. The material is made of flexible cotton, nylon and spandex.

Straight holder from Moss well

The Moss well posture trainer is suitable for people who sit a lot. It exerts constant, light pressure on the shoulders and thus helps you to correct your posture independently. The material consists of elastic nylon threads and stretchy neoprene. The manufacturer recommends that you initially wear the shoulder strap for about 20 to 30 minutes a day to get the muscles used to. You can then increase the wearing time to two to three hours a day.

Posture corrector from Mea Mae Care

The posture trainer from Mea Mae Care is also designed to help you correct your posture and relieve pain in the neck, back and shoulder. For this, the manufacturer has integrated a vibration function that detects when you bend your back by more than 25 degrees. In this case, the posture trainer sends you a reminder with a slight vibration that you should straighten up again. The ergonomic design should adapt well to the body and the strap, thanks to elastic nylon, should be easily adjustable for different body sizes.



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