Fascination Streaming: How to start your live stream and you need it

How does streaming work?

Live broadcasts on the Internet are no longer a novelty. The principle of streaming is very simple: A streamer shares its content live with an audience. Do you want to participate? You need this streaming set-up for this.

It is no longer just an internet trend; streaming is a million-dollar business that captivates people worldwide. Once it started playing before tens of thousands under the term "Let's Play," today, you can find various formats, including DJ sets, cooking shows, or discussion groups. One platform that has made live streaming suitable for the masses is Twitch. Daily, numerous individuals come together live on the digital platform to chat, engage, and be entertained with each other. It is currently the largest live streaming platform that makes contact with numerous people who want to try streaming themselves. In terms of reach, only the video platform YouTube comes close. The crucial questions arise once you have chosen a streaming platform: How does streaming work in your own four walls, and what do you need for it?

How does streaming work?

Do you intend to transmit online content on the Internet? Then you have to create an account - for example, with the streaming giant Twitch. As a registered user, you can, for example, broadcast the game you are playing live for an audience. You will usually need a webcam and a microphone for this because while you are playing, you can interact with the audience. A chat function also makes it possible to communicate with viewers in real-time. Depending on how many viewers are watching your live stream, the Twitch platform enables advertising. Individual channels can even be paid for, and viewers can watch the streamer Donate money during the live stream. In addition to these revenue opportunities, streaming focuses on having fun and interacting with people around the world.

Streaming set-up: what do you need to stream?

Aside from choosing the right live streaming platform, you need the right streaming set-up to share your content with others in real-time. Of course, a secure web link is likewise crucial. When making your selection, be sure to observe the information on the upload and download rates. You can figure out which equipment is suitable for streaming below.

Gaming pc or console

The center of your streaming set-up is the gaming PC. If you can and want to get into it, you can find instructions online on how to assemble hardware yourself. However, if you like it easier, you can also find good ready-made PCs, such as the gaming PC Mag Meta 5 from Msi. It offers good value for money and enables playing in WQHD so that streaming is possible without any problems. Streaming primarily uses the processor unit of your PC. A fast processor and a strong graphics card are therefore necessary for streaming. However, if you want to stream from your console such as the PS4, Xbox One, or Switch, you don't need a powerful system, because if you want to integrate the image from your console into a stream, you need a capture card. This is either via USB or PCI Express connected to the computer. The gadget has an HDMI input to receive the image of the console and an HDMI output to transmit the image to the screen without delay. However, if you are playing on a 4K console in 4-K, you need a suitable  4-K capture card.

Streaming software

Not only the hardware is relevant for your streaming set-up, but the software also has to fit. Applications such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit are well known and popular. You have to decide which program is right for you because all three offer different advantages and disadvantages.


As soon as hardware and software are ready, you need additional gadgets for your streaming set-up. A webcam is not a must, but it gives your stream more personality because your viewers see who you are dealing with. In the end, however, it is a matter of taste, and of course, it is up to the streamer to decide whether to show himself in front of the camera. The Logitech C922 webcam is popular because it supports streams at 60 frames per second and can easily remove the background, eliminating the need for a green screen.

Tip: If you complain about poor picture quality, you shouldn't think about the webcam first, but question the lighting. A lot of light is the key to a good picture. Simple LED lights are enough to illuminate the picture. This LED light even has two practical dimmers so that you can choose between cold white and warm white light.


Not only the image quality contributes to a professional live stream, but also the audio quality. Noise or tinny voices disturb and make it difficult for the audience to listen. It is best to use a streaming microphone to avoid background noise and unsightly reverberation. The prices of microphones vary widely, but the dynamic microphone RĂ˜DE Procaster is always of high quality.

Gaming headset

Your streaming set-up needs another component: a good headset. This will prevent the game sound from being transmitted via the microphone. A popular classic is the gaming headset from HyperX. Those who prefer to gamble wirelessly will find a good alternative, but also significantly more expensive, with the wireless headset from Sennheiser.



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