China has completed the formation of its own navigation system Beidou

china navigation system

China has completed the formation of its own Beidou navigation satellite system, which became the fourth after US GPS, Russian GLONASS and European GALILEO.

New GPS In the World 

Plans for the creation of Beidou appeared in the late 90s, and by 2000 the first stage of its formation had already been implemented, which had recently completed the launch of the last navigation satellite. In the next 15 years, Beidou expects another major update.

The system has global coverage. According to Nikkei, at the end of last year, about 70% of Chinese smartphones already supported Beidou, plus more than 100 partners lined up to use its mapping technology.

In 2013, the Chinese Ministry of Transport reported that Beidou already uses cars for transporting “hazardous objects,” passenger buses and heavy trucks.

With the introduction of its own navigation system, China will no longer depend on American GPS in the event of a serious conflict with the United States.



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