Apple may release iPhone 12 4G

iPhone 12 4G

Recent reports suggest that Apple may release two iPhone 12 models that will support the 4G network standard. They will appear on the market if only because many states are just beginning to introduce this standard.

iPhone 12 Price and features 

According to analyst Daniel Ives, the two iPhone 12 models will be 4G, and the rest will be 5G. According to the old standard, smartphones iPhone 12 and 12 Max should work. If this happens, then the regular 4G version will cost "just" $ 549, and the iPhone 12 Max 4G - $ 649. Prices for other models, this time already 5G, will not change - 649 dollars and 749 dollars.

Moreover, according to another analyst, Jun Zhang, a “regular” iPhone 12 4G can get an LCD display. Jun Zhang mentioned this back in December last year and believed that Apple would eventually release as many as six different versions of the iPhone, with two supporting only the old network standard. How finally everything will turn out - we'll see in the fall.



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